An Ode on Pre-judgement

Lady GaGa

I first saw Lady Gaga on a late-night show, can’t remember which. I do remember saying to myself WTF, this is crazy, insane, over the top and not worth watching. I also remember a certain crystal quality to her voice however. The next time I watched her was with Tony Bennett singing oldies and I was a little more impressed. Her voice was true and reflective of the age of the songs she was singing.

The next time I watched the Lady sing was at the opeining of the 50th Super Bowl. I was brought to tears by her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Clear, melodeous tones reaching heights, most others falter at. I truly enjoyed her look as well as her performance. It’s no wonder that she was asked to perform for Super Bowl L. WOW

The next time I watched her was at the Grammy’s doing her tribute to David Bowie and I thought, holy smokes this woman can perform. Even though I had pre-judged David Bowie years and years ago, I thouroughly enjoyed her bringing him back for the evening. She was fantastic.

Others I have pre-snubbed include, The Beatles, Madonna, Boy George, Aretha and Elvis. The moral of my story is if you want to know who some of the greatest entertainers in the world are, get a list of my pre-judgements. Actually the moral is, don’t pre-judge, let it be, let it be, let it be, let it bet, wait until tomorrow, let it be.

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