Look And Listen Before You Bash


The Liberal Press, the Liberal Politicians, The Liberal Radio charge off bashing Trump before trying to understand what it is he is saying. True, Trump tells it as it is, but isn’t that what we all have been waiting for? Someone who will speak the truth no matter how he says it? I think so.

Months ago, Trump came out and said that he feels that there should be a “Temporary Ban on all Muslims coming into the country because we haven’t a clue as to how to vet them and we have no idea who we are letting in. Until we get it together we shouldn’t be letting unknowns into the U.S.” That was turned around by the Liberals to mean “Trump wants to ban all Muslims. He wants to ban an entire religion, over a billion strong from entering the United States.” When I heard Trumps first proclimation, I said absolutely. Why? I have traveled the world extensively. Before I could enter Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, and other Mid-East countries for an extended stay I had to obtain a “Non-Objection Certificate”. This meant that I had to undergo two to three weeks of delay at home while the host countries vetted me, until they found out that I was who I said I was, and wasn’t there to cause problems. I submitted willingly. Why shouldn’t people be vetted before they enter? Certainly those people from predominantly Muslim countries should understand and acguiesce, it is their policy as well.

“Lets face it folks, Mexico is not sending their best. They are sending, murderers, rapists and drug dealers.” That was turned around to mean, “Trump thinks all Mexicans are either rapists, murderers or drug dealers.” We all know that there are hundreds, probably thousands of illegal immegrants that are murderers, rapists and drug runners, and someone has finally said that and wants to do something about it. “I love Mexicans, I employ thousands, I have many Mexican friends.” Shouldn’t that count for something? Not as far as the Liberals are concerned.

Trump is not the most eloguent (having the power of fluent, powerful and appropriate speech) orator to have run for President, that I concede. He is however, one of the few to have put his money where his mouth is and has his fingers on the pulse of America and understands America’s frustrations. Before you rush to bash Trump, review his words, grasp his meaning and then draw your own conclusions. There are thousands of Liberal Media “Pundits” paused to pounce on every word the man utters. Listen with your own ears.


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