Come On, Get Up, Get Back In The Fight


Flag Bearer

On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, in a speech that is well worth your listening to again if you missesd it. “Make America Great Again” was his battle cry. Build the wall, vet Muslims to stop the radicals before they come to our country not after, stop ISIS in their tracks, repeal Obamacare, rebuild our military, stop the squandering of money overseas especially where we are not liked, support the veterans, bring our jobs back, bring our companies back, were his chants.

Got you thinking when he said those things, didn’t it. Made you wonder if this guy is for real, didn’t it. Personally I was starved for those words after spending eight, seemingly endless years of apologies for who we are, entitlements to millions who didn’t deserve (earn) it, bananas ideas about who we are and what we stand for; and obviously millions of Americans were starving right along with me. Suddenly those of us that felt down for the count were able to get off the mat, wipe off our gloves and start boxing again.

Along comes the Establishment, the Liberal Press, the SuperPacs, the the right Wing-nuts, and immediately start with the “If Trump is elected, I’m leaving the United States”, the “Never Trump” campaign, the so called “Leaders of the Republican Party”, the “Over my dead body gang” (In McConnell’s case that ain’t that far  off); trying to discredit him. Trump slogged through the muck and mire they flung in his path and triumphed over the darkness.

Suddenly the Liberal Media voices, the Prime Time News, the muck raking and biased Press, and the by far worst of all the Establishment begin a smear campaign that is really unbelieveable. So who is standing up for Trump? The NRA, Ryan trys to stand up but sits down again. The Trump faithful are standing even though the polls say differently.

Get back up if you are faltering, pick up the Flag, rally your support and get behind the only person I have heard in many, many of my 77 years that cares about America. Take 24 minutes out of your life and watch the video below . If it doesn’t move you, then I’m living in a country I no longer understand.


  1. Jim Reimer

    Very well written article that conveys the thoughts of a lot of concerned Americans and what’s becoming of it. In light of what took place in Orlando this weekend, we need a strong leader who will stand up to Isis and take the fight to them instead of standing helplessly waiting for yet another attack on American soil. Obama will not do this, nor will Hillary. They want open borders! Trump, despite his shortcomings, gets things done. Jobs, economy, immigration and fighting terrorism will be his main priorities. What is Clinton’s? Vote TRUMP!!

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