I Get It and It’s Not Too Late


Why all this fighting, name calling, mud slinging, hateful crap? I have had enough. I become enraged when I hear Hillary  outright lie in front of millions upon millions of people. I want to shout, scream, and rant until my dogs get so stressed they leave the TV room in fear. I understand the need for my feelings, but I don’t understand why I have to act this way.

Then somewhere I saw the image above and  a sense of calm swept over me. I have one of these buttons. So I went and found it, picked it up and held it, yes and actually rubbed it. A clarity hit like a ton of bricks.

There is no way our country can stand another four years of Progressive Politics and the so called “legacy” of the incumbent president. This great country is polarized almost beyond repair. Europe is floundering, and the Middle East is in flames, our Judeo-Christian values are slowly eroding, our first amendment is a sham, and our second amendment is in jeopardy. There is more racism and anti-semitism today than there has been in any of my past 78 years. It is really catastrophic, in my opinion, which I share with millions in this country, Europe and the Middle East.

Yet Clinton supporters steadfastly insist on a ‘first woman president’ and refuse to see or realize the peril that we face if this particular woman is elected. She has created a frustration level never before seen in this country. A frustration level that causes polarity and hate, in its venomous venting. One side screaming obscenities the other lieing, cheating and muckraking. Party candidates at odds with their parties (Trump and Sanders), incumbents so fearful for their jobs that they refuse to support their candidate with the consequence of losing their party completely, is a sure sign of depths to which our current political system has driven this country.

We have had enough. We can’t take it anymore. We long for the days of the free swinging pendulum that kept this incredible country steadfastly on a middle course. We must throw off the chains of Media manipulation, SuperPac interference, open lies and subtrefuge. None of our rights should ever be altered, none of our freedoms should ever be challenged. A vote for Trump has a chance of making a change for the better. Stand up and vote. If you don’t, a vote might not be a strong enough solution if the Ship of  State, continues to sail on its current course.