Two Things That Definitely Must Change

Super Pacs

The two issues in the voting process that need to be eliminated are Super PACs and Superdelegates. The American voter suffers through nearly an entire year of smear television ads that mock the candidates with speeches loaded with insults and innuendo, arms thrashing, fingers pointing ad nauseum. Millions upon millions of dollars spent filling the evening fare with unending biliousness. I get tired of it as I am sure you do, and I don’t put any stock in it either. There are websites that offer truth and clarity on the candidates. There is no need for the Super Pac crap, we need to rid ourselves of them once and for all. Think about it. The PACs spend millions upon millions (Jeb Bush’s PAC has spent over 50 million so far and he is in last place), what do the PAC’s expect to gain from their largess. You got it, they expect access to the winning candidate.

Lets look at Superdelegates. Every state has delegates that are representative of the people in that state who are charged with the obligation to vote at their conventions for the person who has won the state primary or caucus. This is a fair process that represents the wishes of the voters. Then there are the Superdelegates, the Fat Cats of the system who do not have to follow the mandate of the voters, but can vote for anyone they individually desire. In Iowa Clinton won the Democratic Caucus by less than 1 % (.13% actually) but she was awarded all the Superdelegates, 8 of them, so she walks away the huge winner, which was not the decree of the Iowa voter.

Slowly but surely the public voting system is being undermined by the wealty PAC’s who influence Superdelegates. When our votes no longer count, we no longer count.


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