The Manhattan Matter

John Wingate, Chairman of the Board of Double O Shipping is in his golden years enjoying his work success, his adopted family and especially his granddaughter Priscilla. The two have formed a very close relationship which will be tested to its limits.

Evil enters their lives without warning, which begins a period of watchfulness, awareness and nervousness among all the family members. Stalking and threats become their daily lives. John tries to assemble a crew of body guards and protection systems that only manage to give them a false sense of safety.

John and Carrie are stalked on their Central Park jogging trails, young Priscilla is watched at her school and at her ballet recitals, JT Wingate, worries about all of them as he tries to maintain his position as company Chairman. Under the worst of circumstances, JT rises to the top and vindicates his family.

This, the third in the Trilogy and is out now on Amazon and Kindle. Enjoy.

Manhattan Matter 3D Book

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