Revelation from The Old Country

Danish Flag

I love this flag as much as my Stars and Stripes,
which I fly with pride. I am a first generation
son of the Old Country.

A day or two ago I was rooting around Twitter and noticed a name that had strong similarities to mine, so I decided to engage the owner. She earns a living as a Freelance Writer in the Media. Our disjointed twittering started out very friendly, and soon evolved into a friendly discussion of politics. Typing messages back and forth, is difficult at best, but she was determined, as was I, to communicate.
Apparently she studied my Twitter page and said, “I see you are a Trump voter.” I told her that I was, but feared that the polished wheels of the Clinton machine, might overrun Trump’s quest to make America great again.  She was devistated to hear that. We went back and forth for over an hour, and here is the gist.
Denmark has been a Christian civilization for over a thousand years. She has been noticing change in Europe, but it was not until Chancellor Merkel of Germany allowed thousands and thousands of “Islamic Refugees” to enter Europe, through Germanies open borders, that she noticed real change in Europe. (Studies now show that 65% of the Merkel labled “Refugees” are men of fighting age, as we have seen from the rape and pillage reports earlier this year from Western Europe.) Merkel wielded her economic power to force less wealthy nations to take some of the “Refugees”. She saw that Chancellor Merkel was gaining popularity in Europe, by hook and by crook. Wealthy Germany has the power to bring economic pressure on the less wealthy nations, my Denmark seemingly, being one. Apparently, however, Chancellor Merkel’s reign is over next year but she is making a bid to Chair the EU in 2017, causing millions of Europeans to fear the path Europe might take, and what a collaboration with Clinton might cause. She is concerned what two greedy and power hungry women might do to the world order.
I tried to explain the Progressive Movement, and our need to have the pendulum swing back to the right, but she already understood that, and did not understand why Americans saw “Locker Room talk” as more important than the loss of America’s identity and the fostering of the election of a lying crook. She, along with millions of Europeans, fear that Clinton and Merkel will form a union, promoting Progressive change and the destruction of Judeo-Cristian values everywhere. Christian cultures are the same, the world over, and millions have the same fears. American schools stopped teaching our Judeo-Christian values years ago and the steamroller keeps quietly moving along. The ACLU, Liberal Justices, Liberal Press and Liberal Education are growing like weeds and destroying America. Isn’t it time to wake up? Isn’t it time to make America and the World great again?

Blowin In The Wind


I grew up in a very strange music atmosphere. Mom and Dad played symphony and opera on the radio and the victrola. When TV came along, it  was; Lucky Strike’s, Your Hit Parade; Mitch Miller’s, Sing Along With Mitch, and the Lawrence Welk Show. In High School it was The Kingston Trio at the Hungry I, Hootenanny at the Red Garter on Broadway in San Francisco and Turk Murphy at Earthquake McGoons .

I joined the Navy immediately after High School and after my discharge, got very serious about my college education. I put myself through, so there wasn’t much time for music in my life, and I had formed negative opinions during the 60’s. Dylan, The Beatles, The Doors, The Stones, The Who, The Kinks, The Zombies, The Animals, Jefferson Airplane, Joplin, Creedence and Hendrix, all passed under my radar. “They are too loud”, I said. The Mama’s and the Papa’s, Simon and Garfunkle and the Beach Boys, made my list.

Then my wife, a product of North Beach and the Haight Ashbury, entered my life with her music collection. Nine years my junior, she played all the 60’s stuff I previously disliked plus a lot of new stuff I wasn’t aware of either; like, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon. Slowly but surely my ear began to bend and I started to hear the good in all the music I had shunned. The Beatles, the Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Joplin, Creedence all found their way into my music backlog. I needed a little John Denver every so often to level me out, but for the most part the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s became my music.

Blowin in the wind, Like a Rolling Stone; Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door, Don’t think twice, Mr. Tambourine man, Lay Lady Lay and many, many others have formed a rich poetic tome, worth of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Bravo Mr. Dylan, bravo you musicians of the 50’s through the 70’s.

USA Today, Or Any Day, Is A Joke

USA Today

USA Today, as well as most of the newsmedia, is a joke and a hypocritical charlatan phoney when it comes to political news reporting. Recently USA Today boasted that they have never, in their umpteen years of reporting, denounced an individual candidate until this election cycle, because of some dastardly deed Donald Trump did ten to twenty years ago.

USA Today, Gannet Company states on their website; OUR PURPOSE:  We exist to get the right information, tools and guidance to people at the right time. That is a true statement, because also recently Gannet purchased our local newspaper, Redding Searchlight, from Scripps newspapers. How does that jibe with their PURPOSE? Gannet immediately announced that it was their intention to replace current conservative writers with left leaning liberal ones, to balance out the reporting, giving us the right information, tools and guidance. The political newsreporting in the Redding Searchlight today is so biased and slanted left, that I refuse to read it.

Over and over again, Clinton dominates the positive political news; she can do no wrong and Trump can do no right. It is so biased and slanted that it is laughable. Give us a break USA Today. If you have such a hard time telling the truth, stop calling yourself a NEWSpaper and call yourself a SCANDAL sheet, which is what your are turning out to be. But remember if dastardly deed reporting is your bread and butter, I think you will lose a lot of subscribers if you don’t report on Hillary’s dastardlys, and for heavens sake don’t fire your star reporter, Billy Bush, for breaking the story.

Come on USA Today. Clean up your act.





One Of My Pet Peeves. What’s yours?

Pet Peeve

I live in a rural area, and we have a mailbox that is shared with eight other users. It’s located down the street on a corner with a main roadway to make is easier for the mailmen to deliver the mail. The box had a slot where we could place outgoing mail to be picked up. Some dirt bag thought there might be something of value in the outgoing mail slot so he got out his tire iron and made a total mess of the slot. The Post Office, in its wisdom, sent out a handyman who welded the slot shut, rendering it useless to the dirt bags and good citizen users alike.

Colin Kaepernick has chosen to boycott the National Anthem at football games in order to foster an issue he personally believes in. Several other sports celebrities have followed suit by taking a knee, raising a fist, or pouting on the sidelines. None of the teams have the balls to tell their millionaire employees that the National Anthem at a team sponsored football game is sacred and not to be messed with. The teams, down deep, I’m sure, feel that the antics are disrespectful to everyone; the media, televising the travesties, down deep, know that it is the wrong thing these people are doing. So what is their solution to the problem? Of Course, stop televising the National Anthem. My wife and I were watching football this Sunday, and she said to me. “Hon, isn’t it a shame that the Anthem is no longer played at the games? I really miss that.” “It’s simple dear”, I said, “The law abiding citizen is always the one that suffers for our inability to call a spade a spade, and punish the wrong-doers”.

Responsible gun owners are another good example of this same sort of thing. People, unwilling to deal with criminals always look to punish the innocent first. However, I was happy to read that Megan Rapinoe has been dropped from the USA Team Roster. Spitting on your employer is a no-no.

Truth in Government

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Propositions D an E have been put forth and touted with noble chants of making Redding safe again; lets, once and for all, help the mentally disturbed; support our men in blue, blah, blah, blah. Chief Paoletti has been trotted in front of the city council chambers for months explaining to voters that he hasn’t got enough help, response times are dangerously high, Redding is in peril, and the homeless are taking over our parks, streets and shopping areas. “Woe is me”, cries the council, “We need to raise taxes. One half of one percent only on sales tax will do it. We are going to put this money ($11 million per year, for the next 10 years) into the General Fund (the hen house where the wolves can access it at their discression), but trust us”, they say, (Wink, Wink);

Wink“it (the tax money) will only be used to make Redding safe again”. “Safe Streets Now” another slogan for disaster.

California is facing a backlog of several hundred million dollars in unfunded pension and health care liability. This, because CALPERS (the fund that pays public employees there 90% of salary retirement pensions and health plans) is unable to forcast its needs accurately. I’m not sure of the amount, but I read recently that Redding will have to come up with $1.5 Million per year to handle their share of the shortfall. Where does that money come from? You guessed it, the General Fund.

Sales Tax is a regressive tax. It adversely affects people with a fixed and low incomes, and they will be required to pay a disproportionate amount of the tax increase. There is no fairness in this proposal for two of the largest groups in Redding’s taxpayer base; retired and low income folks. Low income families, those closest to being forced into the streets, will be harmed immeasureably which will in turn compound Paoletti’s problems.

Before you vote on D and E, please know what you are doing, who you are affecting and how you are affecting them. The City Council doesn’t care, they will be long gone when the real damage is done.

Pigs at the trough2

The pigs are at the trough again.


Boom. Right Or Wrong.

MARIANAS: CREWS The ground crew of the B-29 "Enola Gay" which atom-bombed Hiroshima, Japan. Col. Paul W. Tibbets, the pilot is the center. Marianas Islands.
The ground crew of the B-29 “Enola Gay” which atom-bombed Hiroshima, Japan. Col. Paul W. Tibbets, the pilot is the center. Marianas Islands.

Just finished reading Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing the Rising Sun“. As I have said many times before, I lived through WWII, remember it vividly, and had family serving in the Pacific from Midway through the end of the war. I don’t really remember the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but I do remember my cousin returning home from the war and how happy I was that it was over.

Over the years I solidified my opion of the decision President Harry S. Truman made, and I have always felt that we did the right thing ending the war by whatever means available to us. Japan was showing no sign of surrender, even as we opened it’s back door, Okinawa (losing 6000 American lives), and prepared to fight Japan on it’s homeland, they would not unconditionally surrender. Estimates of 100,000 to several million allied lives and more millions of civilian lives would be saved by forcing the surrender. Japan still had 40 million rabid followers of Hirohito vowing to fight to the last man.

As I read O’reilly’s description of the horrendous devastation of the two cities I paused. Descriptive words like vaporized bodies, skin falling off, instant death, and total devistation, caused me to rethink my feelings and judgements. Then I recalled the Bataan March, the Philippine autrocities, the Comfort Women and the take-no-prisoners stories I heard as a child, and reread in O’Reilly’s marvelous recounting; my original feelings were reinforced.

I whole heartedly believe that Truman and the Joint Chiefs made the correct decision. We had spent too many years, lost too many lives and shed too many tears to, any longer, put up with a petulant dictator (Hirohito) and an egomaniacal general (Tojo) to continue sheding more precious American, Australian and British blood.

Read the book, form your own opinions remembering over 1,000,000 Americans were killed (406K) or wounded (607K) in WWII, and the likelyhood of doubling that figure was at stake when the Hiroshima/Nagasaki decision was made.

The End of an Era


At my age I get very concerned when an Era ends, and yesterday an Era ended for me. I worshiped Arnold Palmer. He was a winner, he was a great golfer (in spite of his swing), and above all he was a marvelous human being.

When I was discharged from the Navy in 1960, at age 21, I began my college career, and also took up the game of golf. I was never really great, nor consistant, but in my prime I could go around most courses under 82. My greatest golf story was when two of my golfing buddies and I played Pebble Beach. For the first four holes I carded birdie, birdie, eagle, birdie (five under). I came out of the fifth hole even and went for 115 pops that fateful day. I wiffed my first T shot playing with my father-in-law to be, who was an All-American basketball player, and a pretty solid golfer. I couldn’t find a hero in myself on the golf course, so I looked to Arnie.

Arnold Palmer won 62 tournaments during his career on the PGA Tour. Widely considered one of the greatest golfers of all-time, Palmer captured seven majors that included four Masters wins from 1958 to 1964 and two British Open titles. He never won the PGA, which haunted him his entire career from 1958 to the day-before-yesterday.

I remember joining Arnies Army and following him whenever he came to town to play. One day in 1966, at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, Palmers twosome was waiting for the groups ahead, he was 10 feet from me, and I said to him, “Arnie, I think you got this one today.” He gave me a big smile and walked over to me. We actually chatted for about two minutes, he thanked me for my support and walked back to his ball. He took a swing; that God aweful, loopy, flat, three-quarter swing, of his; and whacked the ball still to the pin. He characteristically hitched up his pants, turned and winked at me and strode off. I’ll miss you Arnie.


Chipping Away

Chipping away

The Second Amendment to the constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Infringed is defined as: “actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.)” and “act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on”. Synonyms include, Restrict, Limit, Curb, Encroach on; Antonym, Preserve.

There you have it in a nutshell. There is no mistaking the words.

Now, the people have spoken and have allowed lawmakers; if not to infringe, then to redefine the word ‘people’. Background Check laws redefine what ‘people’ are; sane, and non-felons. I personally think this is a good thing, but it is currently a joke process, because the Government has not enforced the law as it should be enforced. Chip, Chip away.

The biggest fear of responsible gun owners is that the government will chip away at the Second Amendment to the point of removing guns from the American landscape (witness Australia). Case in point, Gavin Newsome now wants ligitimate gun owners to register and wait two weeks each time they purchase ammunition for their ligitimate firearms.  Newsom’s proposal would, among other things: Ban possession of and confiscate hundreds of thousands of lawfully possessed magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds; Require licensing of all ammunition vendors and drastically limit the places where ammunition could be sold; Require ammunition buyers to undergo a background check before they could purchase any ammunition; Turn law-abiding citizens into criminals should they fail to report lost or stolen firearms to police within a limited amount of time after they “should have known” a firearm was missing. Chip, Chip, Chip away.

I firmly believe that the Second Amendment is as valid today as it was when the founding fathers penned it. Responsible gun owners require firearms for hunting and for personal security. Gavin Newsom may be against guns, but I guarantee you his bodyguards carry loaded firearms. Please don’t fall victim to double standards, and political agendas; Vote No on Prop. 63, but more importantly support Second Amendment Rights, and demand governments enforce existing gun laws.