September 2, 1945


September 2, 1945, aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay

Progressive liberal historians are trying to rewrite history and paint the United States as the bad guys for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as witnessed by Obama’s recent trip to Nagasaki where he bowed and scraped and all but apologized to the Japanese.

September 2, 1945 is a day that most people today don’t remember, but I remember it like it was yesterday. WWII should have ended with the end of the fighting in Europe, and certainly should have ended April 1, 1945 when American Troops landed on Okinawa (next step Japan). At that time, the Japanese knew that the Allied Powers would eventually win the war.

Allied troops (American, Australian, British) were worn out and tired from four plus years of continuous, Pacific Theater, fighting and America wanted to bring it’s heros home and put an honorable end to hostilities, but the maniacal Emperor Hirohito decided to “Fight to the last man”, (and there were millions left). President Truman and Congress rightly decided that it was time to make the Kamakazi mentality Japanese see the light, and on August 6, 1945 dropped the Atomic Bomb (Little Boy) on Hiroshima. Truman again asked Japan to surrender honorably or suffer futher consequences. Hirohito stood by his “To the Last Man” orders. Three days later the Nitrogen Bomb (Fat Boy) was dropped on Nagasaki, and again Truman called for unconditional surrender. Astonishingly, it took TWO horrendous bombings for Japan to get the message.

Japan announced its surrender on August 15, 1945 and on September 2, 1945, boarded the USS Missouri for the surrender signing ceremony. Hirohito didn’t have the balls to show, and instead sent his Foreign Affairs Minister, and some minor dignitaries, in their funny little top hats, to sign the historic documents.

When remembering this day, take the time to get the facts straight. Don’t believe your liberal, abrogated, and distorted history books, the truth can be found elsewhere. Take the time to learn the truth about this great country of ours.

Note: Hirohito lived on in happy retirement until 1989 (44 more years).

What Has Happened? I Want To Know.

Rio 2016

It always chokes me up a little when I see the American Flag raised at the Olympics when one of our stellar athletes wins the Gold. I suppose it is because when I was a boy, growing up, going through school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, and sang the National Anthym at the opening of school ceremonies and athletic contests. I remember saying and singing the words loudly and clearly with pride and a smile.

As our wonderful Team USA competitors stood on the podiums I noticed that about 90% placed their right hands over their hearts, but only about 10% actually sang the words to the anthym aloud. Many mouthed and mumbled the words, but very few sang with gusto. The tears came, and the eyes glistened and the smiles beamed, but the words, somehow got lost in the athletes throats.

Then on the second to last day of the Olympics, Neymar da Silva Santos Jr., kicked the final soccer goal, a shot heard round the world. As if that wasn’t enough, the stadium was treated to a historic medal ceremony. Each man received his medal, dutifully kissed it and bit it for the cameras, and then turned to face the three flags about to be hoisted for history. The teams from Germany, Brazil and Nigeria gradually settled down as the Brazil National Anthym began to play. The ensuing roar was deafening. To a man, each Brazil Team member sang to the top of his lungs, almost screaming, along with thousands of joyful fans, and followers; the Brazilian Nationals.

My heart rose with joy as I watched that marvelous spectacle. From the depths of recent depression; the back bending burden of political corruption, the doubts and touts of a world media that tried to cast a pall over the games, the voices of a proud people rose and drowned out the naysayers. What marvelous national pride, what unabashed joy, what perfect splendor.

What has happened to us America. Is it politically incorrect to show national pride? Is the ACLU so strong it can muffle the hearts and voices of patriots? Are we so down trodden; so beaten, so callous that we; the greatest country in history, the overwhelming winners of 121 Olympic Medals, the peddlers of democracy,  can’t sing our joy and praises with a similar spirit? What has happened? I want to know.

Mark My Words – Tokyo 2020


Mark my words, Michael Phelps will be back in four. How do I know this? I watched his performances and his interviews very closely and noticed a very strong dichotomy with a perceptible slant.

“I am happiest when I’m in the water competing.” “In 2008 and 2012 I was just going through the motions, this time I was involved.” “This was the first time I have ever participated in an opening ceremony. It didn’t ever occur to me that I would be nominated.” “This was the first time I was voted team captain.” “I really enjoyed myself.” “Mom said, ‘How about a 100 Fly and a Relay or two in Tokyo'”. “Boomer got to see me this time. He didn’t understand, but we will explain it to him when he grows up.” Remember the up-shot of the four Gold Medal medley relay swimmers with their arms around each other chanting “Four more years”.

Conversely, “This is how I want to end it.” “I’m looking forward to a next leg of the journey (never once elaborating on what that leg was).” “This is how I want to remember it.”

Okay then. Here is an obviously wildly successful player in the Olympic Arena. He has a net worth of $55 Million which will probably double with his 2016 performance. He has a new life, and a new family. New reasons to move on, or new reasons to continue on. 31 is the new 21. Boomer needs to understand what he is looking at when he sees all those bubbles in the water. Mom and fiancé are already booking rooms in Tokyo. He ran away with the 2016 wins, only one win was close.

Mark my words. Michael will compete in 2020. It may not be 5 Golds and a Silver, but it could easily be 3 Golds. Michael, take six months off. Rest, relax, get married, cuddle the boy and then get back into the saddle and ride into the (23, 24, 25, ?) Golden (Medal) Sunset. Mark my words.

Want a Pick-Me-Up?

2016 Olympics

Want to feel good about life again? Want to renew your human spirit? Want to see some real action? Want to find out what life is all about? Want to fall back in love with your fellow man? Want to see what real dedication and discipline is all about? Want to take a trip on the wild side. If you can’t afford to go, WATCH THE OLYMPIC EXPERIENCE.

Take a Stand

Take a Stand

It was refreshing to see the nineteen year old Lilly King perform on the Olympic Stage, swimming the 100 meter breast stroke. She has obviously worked very hard to get to the Olympic podium, along with all of her clean team mates and it was wonderful to see her lead the way in voting against those who cheat in the athletic endeavor.

For so long we have stood by and watched straight, clean athletes lose to the likes of Soviet Russia, now the Russian Federation; A-Rod, Lance Armstrong, Jose Canseco to name a few. Finally the Olympics has stood up and recognized the issue and dealt with the Russian Federation, and little Lilly King stood up and dealt with one that slipped through the net.

It wasn’t just finger wagging either, it was putting you mojo where your mouth is.

“We just wanted to show that you can be clean and win.” What a concept. Swin on Lilly.

Gold Star Family

Gold Star Family

When I was a lad of five, it was 1942; the beginning of the United States heavy participation in WWII. Shortly after Pearl Harbor, images like the one above, began to appear discretely in windows in my neighborhood. I asked Mom and Dad what they meant and they told me, in respectful wispers, that the families who displayed the emblem had lost a son or a daughter in the fighting.

In 1943 I noticed more and more of these emblems and some of them had two stars and three stars denoting multiple family members, usually sons, lost their lives. I always looked upon this display with reverence and wondered what the families must be going through, and how they felt about losing a loved one. It must be terrible, I thought, I couldn’t stand it if I lost my cousin Evald or cousin Denny; both of whom, at the time, were fighting in the Pacific. They were both childhood heros to mine, who greatfully came home alive.

My family and I were so happy on September 2, 1945 when General McArthur, marched the Japanese Dignitaries to a table, aboard the USS Missouri, in Tokyo Bay and made them sign the unconditional surrender marking the end of WWII. My Mother took us to downtown Redwood City, CA, in our old Chevy, where we liberated one of the US Flags from a sidewalk pole and drove around the town screaming, cheering and yelling that the war was over. The senseless dieing was done.

A Gold Star Family is as sacred as the Alamo, Gettysgurg, Arlington Cemetery, The Vietnam Wall and every war memorial you can name. It is not to be defamed and it is not to be ridiculed or defiled (spoken ill of). Be very careful, anyone who does, it could be your undoing.



Here, on my 78th birthday I reflect on my accomplishments (Def: Things I have done successfully) and realize that however much I have achieved, however many roads I have traveled, however many times I have won, I have never done so much that I have earned the right to bring others down for theirs. Bashing others for your abhorrence of their success, for your jealousy of their triumphs, or for your own ineptitude is the greatest measure of smallness, weakness and failure.

My accomplishments (Def. Things I have done successfully) have all come from a fifty year stint in the construction business. As a Civil Engineer I chose to build things. To my accomplishments I list, one of the Camp David Accord Airbases in Israel, nominated “One of the top 125 Construction Projects in the past 125 years” by Engineering News Record. I list some hundreds of miles of freeways including hundreds of bridge structures and millions of cubic yards of earthmoving. I list countless hours working shoulder to shoulder with carpenters, masons, ironworkers and laborers in the sheer joy of “getting it done”. I identify with builders.

I am appalled at the antics of those who feel the need to bring down winners, especially bringing down those in the business I love. Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert have not earned the right to say what they have said, and have only shown us the depths of their own irrelevance and worthlessness. Shame on you boys. Is there no limit to the depth of your triviality?

Waiting For The Blip

Solitaire App

I have confessed before and I say it again I am hooked on my Solitaire App. My App, has a flaw, in that every time I want a new game I have to wait for an advertisement to load, or an ⊗ to appear so I can blip the ad an move on. The more I play, the more the ads intrigue me, sometimes to the point of distraction.

I know, or at least I think I know, that there are people who go to school who learn how to make  the ads, and all of the tricks of the trade that goes with doing it. They probably  make a decent salary doing it. As time has gone on, watching the ad intros (the hook before the ⊗ appears) I have noticed certian commonalities, and have named and catagorized them.

  1. The “No Shows“. The No Shows are the ones where the ⊗ appears before the ad actually appears. A quick blip on the ⊗, and on you go to the next game, never having seen the ad. I started feeling sorry for these advertisers. Here they have paid their money and not even so much as a name, let alone a product appears. I haven’t felt sorry enough, for them, to wait for their ads to appear, however.
  2. The “Beat the Clocks”. These ads have a count down circle, usually in the upper right hand corner, that counts down the seconds before the ⊗ appears. What I do, is hover my index finger over the circle and pounce on the ⊗ the split second it appears. As I hover, my hand covers the ad so I don’t get the message.
  3. The “Teasers“. The “Teasers” immediately flash pictures of attractive women in attractive clothing for a few sconds before the ⊗ appears. I enjoy the pictures of the attractive women, but I have no desire to purchase, so again I hover over the spot where I am expecting the ⊗ appear and blip immediately, complementing my self on my choice of ⊗ locations if I am correct.
  4. The “Wierdos“. These are the, usually small, ads that appear immediately and have a wierd tic. These are the ads that start out “This is what your insurance company hopes no one ever figures out”. The ‘tics’ vary from flowers on wallpaper moving around, to corners flapping to entice you to go on, to Trump like haircuts flopping around on a particularly ugly woman’s head. I haven’t figured these out yet, but i know they are cheaply produced, and therefore a waste of my time to get involved. I have all the insurance I need anyway.
  5. The “Intrepid Car Companies”. Why would I watch a Car ad, in-between solitaire games when; a. I have no interest in buying a car,  and b. They are shown ad naseum during prime time TV. What are they thinking.
  6. The “Broken Reocrds”. Today I have had one ad, and insurance ad, that shows a cat with a old leather aviators cap, on a vespa, motoring down a country road. It has come back atleast 25 or thirty times just today. Why, if I reject it once, does it keep coming back? They must be hoping that if they really piss me off, I’ll buy whatever it is they are selling.

Absolutely insane. It must work, it is on every day. Who in their right mind, impulse buys a car or insusrance anyway?