Truth in Government

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Propositions D an E have been put forth and touted with noble chants of making Redding safe again; lets, once and for all, help the mentally disturbed; support our men in blue, blah, blah, blah. Chief Paoletti has been trotted in front of the city council chambers for months explaining to voters that he hasn’t got enough help, response times are dangerously high, Redding is in peril, and the homeless are taking over our parks, streets and shopping areas. “Woe is me”, cries the council, “We need to raise taxes. One half of one percent only on sales tax will do it. We are going to put this money ($11 million per year, for the next 10 years) into the General Fund (the hen house where the wolves can access it at their discression), but trust us”, they say, (Wink, Wink);

Wink“it (the tax money) will only be used to make Redding safe again”. “Safe Streets Now” another slogan for disaster.

California is facing a backlog of several hundred million dollars in unfunded pension and health care liability. This, because CALPERS (the fund that pays public employees there 90% of salary retirement pensions and health plans) is unable to forcast its needs accurately. I’m not sure of the amount, but I read recently that Redding will have to come up with $1.5 Million per year to handle their share of the shortfall. Where does that money come from? You guessed it, the General Fund.

Sales Tax is a regressive tax. It adversely affects people with a fixed and low incomes, and they will be required to pay a disproportionate amount of the tax increase. There is no fairness in this proposal for two of the largest groups in Redding’s taxpayer base; retired and low income folks. Low income families, those closest to being forced into the streets, will be harmed immeasureably which will in turn compound Paoletti’s problems.

Before you vote on D and E, please know what you are doing, who you are affecting and how you are affecting them. The City Council doesn’t care, they will be long gone when the real damage is done.

Pigs at the trough2

The pigs are at the trough again.



  1. Great article Dick!

    We can only hope that the citizens of Redding, CA. are “educating” themselves this year instead of drinking the proverbial Kool-aid in regard to D and E.

    Tammy J. Boone

  2. You said it Tammy. I am sick and tired of the constant ruse to con us out of our hard earned money so they can get more.

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