Bubbles I Blow


Bubbles I Blow, Beads I twist; All The Rest Is Darkness And Conjecture“.

That was the one and only question on my English Lit. 101 course final. I immediately siezed on my answer, wrote my essay, and recieved the only A+ given out that day. Certainly I was proud of myself. I have kept those words with me for all these years and have tried to convey their meaning on many occations, receiving looks from aha moments to utter confusion. This morning while reading the paper, the perfect elucidation came to me.

I recently read a wonderful book entitled, The Oregon Trail, A New American Journeyby Rinker Buck. It is the hair raising, enlightening, enderaing story of two brothers who crossed the country in an authentic three-mule-team covered wagon. Their highs, their lows, their conguests and defeats gave testimony of the hardships and trials the intrepid pioneers must have experienced on their pursuit of the American Dream.

As I read the book my heart began to fill with wellbeing, patriotism and oneness with my country and my fellow Americans. After seven grueling years of apology for who I am, abysmal rips and tears in our inherited fabric, and the shrinking away from our assigned task of Leader of the Free World, I finally saw again what made this country great and what gives me my joy in being a flag waving, chest bumping, Fourth of July, bonafide American.

I wrote the author thanking him for writing such an inspiring book and thanking him for giving me back my nationalistic pride, so battered and beaten these last seven years. He wrote back and told me that giving people back their ‘national pride’ was not what he had in mind when he made the crossing nor when he wrote the book. He went on to say, however, that after it was all over and the book was published, he had the exact same feelings. Bubbles He Blew, Beads He Twised.

Look And Listen Before You Bash


The Liberal Press, the Liberal Politicians, The Liberal Radio charge off bashing Trump before trying to understand what it is he is saying. True, Trump tells it as it is, but isn’t that what we all have been waiting for? Someone who will speak the truth no matter how he says it? I think so.

Months ago, Trump came out and said that he feels that there should be a “Temporary Ban on all Muslims coming into the country because we haven’t a clue as to how to vet them and we have no idea who we are letting in. Until we get it together we shouldn’t be letting unknowns into the U.S.” That was turned around by the Liberals to mean “Trump wants to ban all Muslims. He wants to ban an entire religion, over a billion strong from entering the United States.” When I heard Trumps first proclimation, I said absolutely. Why? I have traveled the world extensively. Before I could enter Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, and other Mid-East countries for an extended stay I had to obtain a “Non-Objection Certificate”. This meant that I had to undergo two to three weeks of delay at home while the host countries vetted me, until they found out that I was who I said I was, and wasn’t there to cause problems. I submitted willingly. Why shouldn’t people be vetted before they enter? Certainly those people from predominantly Muslim countries should understand and acguiesce, it is their policy as well.

“Lets face it folks, Mexico is not sending their best. They are sending, murderers, rapists and drug dealers.” That was turned around to mean, “Trump thinks all Mexicans are either rapists, murderers or drug dealers.” We all know that there are hundreds, probably thousands of illegal immegrants that are murderers, rapists and drug runners, and someone has finally said that and wants to do something about it. “I love Mexicans, I employ thousands, I have many Mexican friends.” Shouldn’t that count for something? Not as far as the Liberals are concerned.

Trump is not the most eloguent (having the power of fluent, powerful and appropriate speech) orator to have run for President, that I concede. He is however, one of the few to have put his money where his mouth is and has his fingers on the pulse of America and understands America’s frustrations. Before you rush to bash Trump, review his words, grasp his meaning and then draw your own conclusions. There are thousands of Liberal Media “Pundits” paused to pounce on every word the man utters. Listen with your own ears.


Come On, Get Up, Get Back In The Fight


Flag Bearer

On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, in a speech that is well worth your listening to again if you missesd it. “Make America Great Again” was his battle cry. Build the wall, vet Muslims to stop the radicals before they come to our country not after, stop ISIS in their tracks, repeal Obamacare, rebuild our military, stop the squandering of money overseas especially where we are not liked, support the veterans, bring our jobs back, bring our companies back, were his chants.

Got you thinking when he said those things, didn’t it. Made you wonder if this guy is for real, didn’t it. Personally I was starved for those words after spending eight, seemingly endless years of apologies for who we are, entitlements to millions who didn’t deserve (earn) it, bananas ideas about who we are and what we stand for; and obviously millions of Americans were starving right along with me. Suddenly those of us that felt down for the count were able to get off the mat, wipe off our gloves and start boxing again.

Along comes the Establishment, the Liberal Press, the SuperPacs, the the right Wing-nuts, and immediately start with the “If Trump is elected, I’m leaving the United States”, the “Never Trump” campaign, the so called “Leaders of the Republican Party”, the “Over my dead body gang” (In McConnell’s case that ain’t that far  off); trying to discredit him. Trump slogged through the muck and mire they flung in his path and triumphed over the darkness.

Suddenly the Liberal Media voices, the Prime Time News, the muck raking and biased Press, and the by far worst of all the Establishment begin a smear campaign that is really unbelieveable. So who is standing up for Trump? The NRA, Ryan trys to stand up but sits down again. The Trump faithful are standing even though the polls say differently.

Get back up if you are faltering, pick up the Flag, rally your support and get behind the only person I have heard in many, many of my 77 years that cares about America. Take 24 minutes out of your life and watch the video below . If it doesn’t move you, then I’m living in a country I no longer understand.

Hit A Snag

Manhattan Affair 3D Book

I have hit a temporary snag with the release of my third book, my editor is in the middle of finals. She has apologised, but both she and I agree that school comes first. Another week to end finals and finish the edit, another month to publish and voila. The Manhattan Matter is the third installment in the trilogy. Humbly, it is my best effort so far and the surprise ending will shock you if you have been following the story.

Lets Please Not Forget

D-Day Landing

June 6, 1944 all hell broke loose on the Normandy Beaches. Years of planning, thousands of men, hundred of thousands of tons of equipment all came together on that overcast morning as we began our final push to Berlin and the end of WWII. Two Thousand five hundred American soldiers willingly gave their lives that day in the name of freedom and democracy.

I was on a business trip in Amsterdam on June 10th 1984, waiting for my flight at Schipol Airport, Business Class Lounge. I noticed six or eight men with their wives talking, laughing and having a good time. They were obviously Americans and all appeared in their late fifties early sixties. I was curious, so I went over to the group and asked, “What’s the occaision fellas?”

“We came for the 40th celebration of the D-Day landings, we come every ten years,” a jocular, rosy faced man said.

I walked up to him and I said, “I’d like to shake your hand and thank you all for what you did that day. I was six years old at the time and I remember that day like it was yesterday.” They all got up and we all shook hands. “How old were you when you landed Sir?” I asked one of them.

“I was seventeen, lied about my age, had to get over here and kill the hun,” he proudly said; I smiled knowingly.

I thanked them all again, told them to enjoy themselves and went back to my seat. I kept watching them having so much fun and enjoying themselves I couldn’t help but think what marvelous people they were. I felt so proud to be an American that day. I’ll never forget.

Corruption Is Everywhere


Corruption is everywhere. Today there were three stories of corruption in the morning paper. It is rampant.

The worst corruption I see, however, is the media. Our small town newspaper used to be reasonably fair, accurate and relative unbiased. Recently it was purchased by the company that owns USA Today and immediately went about changing the flavor of the content. They announced that they would be hiring more liberal writers and editors. Within two or three short months the Redding Searchlight has become exactly like every other big city paper, full of bias and feeding their agendas to us in liberal doses.

Yesterday Bill Clinton was in Redding (800 people attnded), Bernie Sanders was in Chico, a nearby town, (6,000 people attended) and Donald Trump is to arrive Redding Airport today and hold a rally there (up to 4,000 people expected). “Rally in Hillary’s support”, reads the Clinton visit article and by far the largest photograph of Bill Clinton pumping up the crowd with Trump bashing. Below that is a 3 inch by 2 inch photo of Bernie Sanders and a benign article. Both articles were continued on page two where they completely filled the page.

Stuffed into the edge of the front page was a single 8 inch column, with a postage stamp size picture of Donald Trump’s face in shadows, barely recognizable, “Trump plans stop at airport”. The article was continued on page 8, the last page of the section. The bias is so blatant that it is sickening. Now having said that, tomorrow the Trump coverage may be better as his speech hasn’t been made yet, we will see.

Reasonably good coverage of Donald Trumps visit in the Searchlight today, however, he is always refereed to as Trump, when Hillary is always referred to as Hillary, the more personal address. Like Lester Holt and Scott Pelley the paper gushes over Hillary and puts up with Trump. They make it so blatant that I am embarrassed by it. There is no effort whatsoever to report the news in an unbiased manner.

Read carefully, and check the facts. Get equal doses of FOX News and Network News. If you listen to one side only you will become one of the millions of Americans that vote without a clue.