Corruption Is Everywhere


Corruption is everywhere. Today there were three stories of corruption in the morning paper. It is rampant.

The worst corruption I see, however, is the media. Our small town newspaper used to be reasonably fair, accurate and relative unbiased. Recently it was purchased by the company that owns USA Today and immediately went about changing the flavor of the content. They announced that they would be hiring more liberal writers and editors. Within two or three short months the Redding Searchlight has become exactly like every other big city paper, full of bias and feeding their agendas to us in liberal doses.

Yesterday Bill Clinton was in Redding (800 people attnded), Bernie Sanders was in Chico, a nearby town, (6,000 people attended) and Donald Trump is to arrive Redding Airport today and hold a rally there (up to 4,000 people expected). “Rally in Hillary’s support”, reads the Clinton visit article and by far the largest photograph of Bill Clinton pumping up the crowd with Trump bashing. Below that is a 3 inch by 2 inch photo of Bernie Sanders and a benign article. Both articles were continued on page two where they completely filled the page.

Stuffed into the edge of the front page was a single 8 inch column, with a postage stamp size picture of Donald Trump’s face in shadows, barely recognizable, “Trump plans stop at airport”. The article was continued on page 8, the last page of the section. The bias is so blatant that it is sickening. Now having said that, tomorrow the Trump coverage may be better as his speech hasn’t been made yet, we will see.

Reasonably good coverage of Donald Trumps visit in the Searchlight today, however, he is always refereed to as Trump, when Hillary is always referred to as Hillary, the more personal address. Like Lester Holt and Scott Pelley the paper gushes over Hillary and puts up with Trump. They make it so blatant that I am embarrassed by it. There is no effort whatsoever to report the news in an unbiased manner.

Read carefully, and check the facts. Get equal doses of FOX News and Network News. If you listen to one side only you will become one of the millions of Americans that vote without a clue.




  1. Jeanette Ferdun

    Hello Dick,

    Just wanted you to know I enjoyed reading some of your antedote’s. You’re quite good. Keep it up.

    Jeanette Ferdun

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