Revelation from The Old Country

Danish Flag

I love this flag as much as my Stars and Stripes,
which I fly with pride. I am a first generation
son of the Old Country.

A day or two ago I was rooting around Twitter and noticed a name that had strong similarities to mine, so I decided to engage the owner. She earns a living as a Freelance Writer in the Media. Our disjointed twittering started out very friendly, and soon evolved into a friendly discussion of politics. Typing messages back and forth, is difficult at best, but she was determined, as was I, to communicate.
Apparently she studied my Twitter page and said, “I see you are a Trump voter.” I told her that I was, but feared that the polished wheels of the Clinton machine, might overrun Trump’s quest to make America great again.  She was devistated to hear that. We went back and forth for over an hour, and here is the gist.
Denmark has been a Christian civilization for over a thousand years. She has been noticing change in Europe, but it was not until Chancellor Merkel of Germany allowed thousands and thousands of “Islamic Refugees” to enter Europe, through Germanies open borders, that she noticed real change in Europe. (Studies now show that 65% of the Merkel labled “Refugees” are men of fighting age, as we have seen from the rape and pillage reports earlier this year from Western Europe.) Merkel wielded her economic power to force less wealthy nations to take some of the “Refugees”. She saw that Chancellor Merkel was gaining popularity in Europe, by hook and by crook. Wealthy Germany has the power to bring economic pressure on the less wealthy nations, my Denmark seemingly, being one. Apparently, however, Chancellor Merkel’s reign is over next year but she is making a bid to Chair the EU in 2017, causing millions of Europeans to fear the path Europe might take, and what a collaboration with Clinton might cause. She is concerned what two greedy and power hungry women might do to the world order.
I tried to explain the Progressive Movement, and our need to have the pendulum swing back to the right, but she already understood that, and did not understand why Americans saw “Locker Room talk” as more important than the loss of America’s identity and the fostering of the election of a lying crook. She, along with millions of Europeans, fear that Clinton and Merkel will form a union, promoting Progressive change and the destruction of Judeo-Cristian values everywhere. Christian cultures are the same, the world over, and millions have the same fears. American schools stopped teaching our Judeo-Christian values years ago and the steamroller keeps quietly moving along. The ACLU, Liberal Justices, Liberal Press and Liberal Education are growing like weeds and destroying America. Isn’t it time to wake up? Isn’t it time to make America and the World great again?

USA Today, Or Any Day, Is A Joke

USA Today

USA Today, as well as most of the newsmedia, is a joke and a hypocritical charlatan phoney when it comes to political news reporting. Recently USA Today boasted that they have never, in their umpteen years of reporting, denounced an individual candidate until this election cycle, because of some dastardly deed Donald Trump did ten to twenty years ago.

USA Today, Gannet Company states on their website; OUR PURPOSE:  We exist to get the right information, tools and guidance to people at the right time. That is a true statement, because also recently Gannet purchased our local newspaper, Redding Searchlight, from Scripps newspapers. How does that jibe with their PURPOSE? Gannet immediately announced that it was their intention to replace current conservative writers with left leaning liberal ones, to balance out the reporting, giving us the right information, tools and guidance. The political newsreporting in the Redding Searchlight today is so biased and slanted left, that I refuse to read it.

Over and over again, Clinton dominates the positive political news; she can do no wrong and Trump can do no right. It is so biased and slanted that it is laughable. Give us a break USA Today. If you have such a hard time telling the truth, stop calling yourself a NEWSpaper and call yourself a SCANDAL sheet, which is what your are turning out to be. But remember if dastardly deed reporting is your bread and butter, I think you will lose a lot of subscribers if you don’t report on Hillary’s dastardlys, and for heavens sake don’t fire your star reporter, Billy Bush, for breaking the story.

Come on USA Today. Clean up your act.





I’m Deplorable And I’m Proud



Clinton’s Basket of Deplorables certainly brings up images and thoughts of ‘How the shoe fits‘. The definition of Deplorable is: ‘Deserving of strong condemnation’; ‘Shockingly bad in quality’. Synonyms include: Disgraceful, Shameful, Dishonorable, Unworthy, Unpardonable, Unforgiveable (and more); in other words, pretty bad hombres we deplorables be.


Leaving one of your Ambassadors without protection and security, is a pretty good definition of DISGRACEFUL.

Stealing $200,000 worth of White House property,  is a pretty good definition of SHAMEFUL.

Lying about your e-mails to the FBI,  is a pretty good definition of DISHONORABLE.

And then lying to the American people about the e-mails and the FBI investigation, is a pretty good definition of UNWORTHY.

Deleting 33,000 e-mails just before turning over data to the FBI, is a pretty good definition of UNPARDONABLE.

This whole thing smells of ‘Black Kettles’ and ‘Glass Houses’. If I dug up the entire list, from White Water to the Clinton Foundation I think I could fill a few sheets of 8 1/2 X 11 paper with alternate definitions. Whether exhausted by the flu, pooped by the campaign trail, fatigued by embattlement, Hillary needs to either get new speechwriters or read her speeches before they start rolling by on the teleprompters. Whatever the case, she was inexcuseably off mark, off base and off color with her statement. Gee, what do you know, another defenition, and I wasn’t even trying.


English Spoken Here


If you make a stand for a Border Wall, you are a Racist Isolationist. If you want to pledge allegiance to the flag, you are a Patriotic Isolationist. If you want English to be the official language, you are a Purist, Racist, Isolationist. A man of logic, whom I respect completely tells us why about the latter.

– Charles Krauthammer, Time Magazine, June 4, 2006

  1. To stipulatethat although government may use other languages, to be legally binding and authoritative e.g. “official,” it must act or communicate in the English language.
  2. To clarifythat whenever there is a conflict in meaning between government laws, regulations, or pronouncements issued in more than one language, the English version is the authoritative one.
  3. To clarifythat unless government decides to provide it, no one has an entitlement or right to government services or documents in a language other than English.
  4. To recognizethe historical fact that the United States has been an overwhelmingly English speaking nation since it was created and that its constitution and foundational documents are in English.
  5. To recognizethat while the people United States value and respect diversity, they want to preserve English as their common language and therefore immigrants have the responsibility to learn English.
  6. To conformto the majority of the states (31) that already have made English their official language.
  7. To respondto the will of the American people, 87 percent of whom believe English should be our official language, according to a May 2010 Rasmussen Reports survey.
  8. To conformto the rest of the world: Eighty-five percent of the UN’s member nations have official languages. Fifty-three (53) of those nations have adopted English as their official language.
  9. To avoidthe costs, burdens, and conflicts that arise in nations like Canada or international organizations like the European Union that attempt to conduct business in more than one official language.
  10. To bring the federal government into conformity with national institutions like the U.S. Army and the federal court system, who for practical                  reasons have decided to operate in English.

Makes sense to me, So call me a Purist, Racist, Isolationist.

A Border Fence Is Not Isolationsim

Border Fence

Building a Border Fence is not ISOLATIONISM.  Isolationism is defined as: a policy of remaining apart from the affairs or interests of other groups, especially the political affairs of other countries.

We are surrounded on two and a half sides by Oceans, Gulfs and Great Lakes (95,000 miles or 93%), one side by a country that mutually respects borders (5,525 miles or 5%), and one half side by people who disrespect borders (1,989 miles or 2%). If we are labled isolationists today it is by geographical conditions only and certainly not by political choice.

The United States was Isolationist from its inception until 1941. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, we began to intermingle in the affairs and interests 0f other groups. Once that event happened, there was no turning back to Isolationism by the United States. We mingled in North Africa, Southern Europe, England, and Western Europe and the Pacific as a direct result of WWII. Since then we have mingled in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, The Koreas, the Vietnams and on and on, spreading the word of democracy; sometimes successfully, sometimes not. The United States mindset is not Isolationist.

Drug running across the border began in earnest in the 70’s, human trafficing, beginning at the turn of the century, flourished in the 70’s anad 80’s and still goes strong today; along with other illegal activities such as money laundering, contraband and sex trafficing. In the pursuit of illegal activities come the bad guys and undesireables. Left leaning policies of the 80’s made the situation worse. A sanctuary city is a city in the United States or Canada that adopts local policies designed to not prosecute people solely for being an illegal alien, which we now see has been taken to extremes.

Because of the North American appetite fed by the illegal Central and South American supply lines flourish, there can be no doubt that the level of abuse has reached epidemic proportion, and every responsible citizen wants it stopped. A wall is inevitable, 16,500 more patrolmen are inevitable.

Four More Months, Will We Make It

1St AmendmentThe First Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”. We all understand this, RIGHT?

Certainly we do, which is why I am sick and tired of everyone, including you Mr. President, and you Missy MacArthur who say; “I don’t agree with what he says, but I respect his right to say it.” We all as American’s, if you didn’t know, respect the First Amendment to the Constitution. It is the law of the land. It is the basis on which our society functions, it is why we don’t shoot every bastard we disagree with, it is why America has the potential to be great.

It is why, when someone does something, or says something that I strongly disagree with, I stand on my hind legs and the First Amendment and state my case. Merely saying, “I respect his right to say it”, gives weight to what he says or does.

If you disagree with something or someone, Mr. President and Missy MacArthur, take a stand, comfortably, on the First Amendment, which;BTW, has no political agenda; and say what you really think. Mr. Kaepernick has the protection of the Constitution to say what he thinks, but he has no right to disrespect the American Flag, the National Anthem, or the majority of his team. You only spread the divide, Mr. President and Missy MacArthur when you choose your words so carefully that they confuse and misguide.

Big Brother Brainwashing


Anyone today who gets their political news from a syndicated newspaper, or a major TV or radio broadcasting station, is being brainwashed. I have studied it, I have participated, I have commented and I have preached. Nowhere can I find an unbiased political news report, nowhere. If you feel good after reading a particular article, or watching/hearing a news report, you are experiencing bias. Let that sink in.

There is an old adage that says, “If you throw enough crap at a barn door, some of it is bound to stick”. In other words, listen to something often enough and you begin to believe it.  Eschew the talking heads, TV pundits and the political hack reporters who spin everything into a plus for their candidate, no matter who it is. Said differently, if Donald Trump makes a political speech, NBC, CBS and ABC will shame him for his words no matter what he says. If Hillary makes a political speech, FOX will tell you she is crooked and wrong.

Okay. You already knew this. So where does it leave you? What have you learned? I say, that if you must listen to one source, then you must listen to all the others to get some sort of balance, and what that means is you are then left to decide which of the candidates is the least despicable. This is how smear politics works. Each candidate has a staff of people who listen to everything the opposition says and then figures out how to beat them over the head with it.

The only way to obtain unbiased political news, is to listen to each candidate speak, and then immediately turn off your radio or television set, sit quietly alone and cogitate the meaning of what you alone have heard. You are the best pundit for your own necessities. You are best to understand the difference between the truth and a lie, between a promise and a guarantee, between what is good for all and what isn’t. “We the People…”, in the singular, is “You the Person…”. This political season step up to the plate and take a swing for the fences. My life and yours depends on it.

Old Glory

images (1)

Old Glory is, The American Revolution, The Sprit of 76, 1812, Gettysburg, Antietam, WWI, Normandy, Bastogne, Iwo Jima, Pork Chop Hill, Nam, Kandahar, Mogadishu, Kabul. These are all merely wars, you say. No, I say; these are all places where those who revere and respect the Flag and for which it stands, willingly defended our freedom. It is bigger than a mere flag, a mere Army, a mere Nation, it is the heart of every patriotic American.

What Has Happened? I Want To Know.

Rio 2016

It always chokes me up a little when I see the American Flag raised at the Olympics when one of our stellar athletes wins the Gold. I suppose it is because when I was a boy, growing up, going through school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, and sang the National Anthem at the opening of school ceremonies and athletic contests. I remember saying and singing the words loudly and clearly with pride and a smile.

As our wonderful Team USA competitors stood on the podiums I noticed that about 90% placed their right hands over their hearts, but only about 10% actually sang the words to the anthem aloud. Many mouthed and mumbled the words, but very few sang with gusto. The tears came, and the eyes glistened and the smiles beamed, but the words, somehow got lost in the athletes throats.

Then on the second to last day of the Olympics, Neymar da Silva Santos Jr., kicked the final soccer goal, a shot heard round the world. As if that wasn’t enough, the stadium was treated to a historic medal ceremony. Each man received his medal, dutifully kissed it and bit it for the cameras, and then turned to face the three flags about to be hoisted for history. The teams from Germany, Brazil and Nigeria gradually settled down as the Brazil National Anthem began to play. The ensuing roar was deafening. To a man, each Brazil Team member sang to the top of his lungs, almost screaming, along with thousands of joyful fans, and followers; the Brazilian Nationals.

My heart rose with joy as I watched that marvelous spectacle. From the depths of recent depression; the back bending burden of political corruption, the doubts and touts of a world media that tried to cast a pall over the games, the voices of a proud people rose and drowned out the naysayers. What marvelous national pride, what unabashed joy, what perfect splendor. (Booing the opposition was a bit objectionable; another blog perhaps.)

What has happened to us America. Is it politically incorrect to show national pride? Is the ACLU so strong it can muffle the hearts and voices of patriots? Are we so down trodden; so beaten, so callous that we; the greatest country in history, the overwhelming winners of 121 Olympic Medals, the peddlers of democracy,  can’t sing our joy and praises with a similar spirit? What has happened? I want to know.

Mark My Words – Tokyo 2020


Mark my words, Michael Phelps will be back in four. How do I know this? I watched his performances and his interviews very closely and noticed a very strong dichotomy with a perceptible slant.

“I am happiest when I’m in the water competing.” “In 2008 and 2012 I was just going through the motions, this time I was involved.” “This was the first time I have ever participated in an opening ceremony. It didn’t ever occur to me that I would be nominated.” “This was the first time I was voted team captain.” “I really enjoyed myself.” “Mom said, ‘How about a 100 Fly and a Relay or two in Tokyo'”. “Boomer got to see me this time. He didn’t understand, but we will explain it to him when he grows up.” Remember the up-shot of the four Gold Medal medley relay swimmers with their arms around each other chanting “Four more years”.

Conversely, “This is how I want to end it.” “I’m looking forward to a next leg of the journey (never once elaborating on what that leg was).” “This is how I want to remember it.”

Okay then. Here is an obviously wildly successful player in the Olympic Arena. He has a net worth of $55 Million which will probably double with his 2016 performance. He has a new life, and a new family. New reasons to move on, or new reasons to continue on. 31 is the new 21. Boomer needs to understand what he is looking at when he sees all those bubbles in the water. Mom and fiancé are already booking rooms in Tokyo. He ran away with the 2016 wins, only one win was close.

Mark my words. Michael will compete in 2020. It may not be 5 Golds and a Silver, but it could easily be 3 Golds. Michael, take six months off. Rest, relax, get married, cuddle the boy and then get back into the saddle and ride into the (23, 24, 25, ?) Golden (Medal) Sunset. Mark my words.