I Heart Words


I thank my Danish born, Naturalized American Mother for my love of words. She always told me that if I wasn’t sure what a word meant, I shouldn’t use it. “Always look it up in the dictionary first,” She advised. In those days, ‘look it up in the dictionary‘ meant going to the bookshelf, opening the largest and heaviest book there and leafing through many, very thin pages to find your answer, taking several minutes. Because Mom was insistant, I looked up the words, but I am sure I was among the few. Today we have Google, answer in seconds, there is no excuse. Words can be tricky.

Take, for instance the words, dumb and stupid. People seem the use the words interchangeably. No doubt because they have never looked them up. I have often made the statement that “I was really dumb in highschool, but I wasn’t stupid.”
Dumb: Mute, speechless, toungtied, at a loss for words.
Stupid: Lacking intelligence or common sense.

I used to think that vilified meant; excused, acquitted, but now I know that it means belittled, desparaged, libeled.
Untenable used to mean; not useable, incorrect, unworthy. We all know it means; weak, unsound, shakey.

There are probably hundreds of examples, all to which I elude, seem to allude me at the moment. Whether you play with them or just communicate with them, make sure to use the right ones, look them up.

The Voice That Was Heard.

Please read this, it will shock you.


When I looked at this image, posted on my Facebook several days after the election I asked myself, “whose voice was heard November 8?”. It certainly wasn’t Black Lives Matter, that movement resides in the blue. It most certainly wasn’t the Anti-Police movement, they also reside in the blue. It unquestionably wasn’t the Anti-Second Amendment folks, they definitely reside in the blue. It couldn’t have been the Fat Cats, they all live in the blue. So who was it?

Must have been the Rancher and the Farmer, they live all over the red. Must have been the coal miner, the Appalacians are definitely in the red. Could it have been the Factory worker, he lives all over that area south of the Great Lakes Erie and Ontario. The voice I heard was the a quiet, resolved voice of the Heartland. The Pioneer stock, the forgotten, the few, the soul of America. Now compare the above map with the map below, and what does that say to you.

3D Ecomomy Map

The tall green spikes represent the areas of America that contribute the largest amounts of dollars to the economy. Is it getting clearer now? The green spikes might as well be blue, and the gray area might as well be red. All of the big money interests in our economy supported Clinton, and those who feed us, clothe us, and put roofs over our head backed Trump. Why is it then that for the last 18 months we have been hearing how Clinton was for the little guy, and Trump was for the big money people.

I don’t know about you, but this was a revelation to me. Make America Great Again.

The Pendulum Has Swung


The American people have spoken, their voices were heard, the Pendulum has swung. What has resonated most soundly with me is the clarity of Trump’s take on the American pulse, and the incredible fight he put forward to make it heard. The Media was against him. The Establishment was against him. His own party was against him. While this was going on, I clearly heard him say, “It doesn’t matter that the Media is Biased, that the Election is rigged, that Republican party is against me, we have a movement, we have the support of the American people”. He was clear and confident that he was speaking the voice of America. It is what held me loyal and true, through thick and thin. I rejoice today, not so much in our win, but in our abilities as Americans to see our future clearly and react.

As hard as it will be, we must all now come together. Not because Trump says so, or Clinton says so, or Obama says so, but because the American people say so.

Who Would You Pick?


Donald Trump is out selling ball caps, signed books, lunches with his sons, himself and his daughter, T-shirts, trips on his airplane, reaching into his own pocket, you name it, to raise money for his campaign, beholden to none. Hillary is courting Wall Street, Special Interest Groups and the Uber Wealthy (George Soros types), to get what she wants, indebted to everyone.

To me it is a simple question indeed. WHO DO YOU WANT RUNNING YOUR COUNTRY? WHO WOULD YOU PICK?

Right On The Numbers

Perfect Approach

I love this image. Where it came from, I do not know, but it has great meaning to me.

Years ago, 1973 to be exact I found myself building a freeway in Arcata, California; which is near Eureka, California. I was single at the time, living in a environment surrounded by the Northern Coast Range on three sides, and the Pacific Ocean on the fourth. Isolation Central. It was a two hundred mile car trip in any direction, but west, to the nearest civilization. What to do? Learn to fly seemed to be the answer.

Gary Justice, an intrepid flight instructor out of Murray Field, just north of Eureka, agreed to take me on and recommended that I join a flying club with an airplane I could take lessons in. I followed his insructions and off we went. One of the first, and most important things to learn, as a pilot, is how to land. There are a lot of other things that are important to learn, but landing, in my opinion, ranks at the top.

“Okay Dick, line yourself up with the runway, aim for the numbers and maintain that position until flare-out and touch down”. It took two or three attempts, but I finally got the hang of it. Runway, numbers, maintain. For some reason, when you find the right spot, it feels right and there is no mistaking that you are on the right path.

When I saw this image, that feeling came back to me. This guy, is Right On The Numbers.

Revelation from The Old Country

Danish Flag

I love this flag as much as my Stars and Stripes,
which I fly with pride. I am a first generation
son of the Old Country.

A day or two ago I was rooting around Twitter and noticed a name that had strong similarities to mine, so I decided to engage the owner. She earns a living as a Freelance Writer in the Media. Our disjointed twittering started out very friendly, and soon evolved into a friendly discussion of politics. Typing messages back and forth, is difficult at best, but she was determined, as was I, to communicate.
Apparently she studied my Twitter page and said, “I see you are a Trump voter.” I told her that I was, but feared that the polished wheels of the Clinton machine, might overrun Trump’s quest to make America great again.  She was devistated to hear that. We went back and forth for over an hour, and here is the gist.
Denmark has been a Christian civilization for over a thousand years. She has been noticing change in Europe, but it was not until Chancellor Merkel of Germany allowed thousands and thousands of “Islamic Refugees” to enter Europe, through Germanies open borders, that she noticed real change in Europe. (Studies now show that 65% of the Merkel labled “Refugees” are men of fighting age, as we have seen from the rape and pillage reports earlier this year from Western Europe.) Merkel wielded her economic power to force less wealthy nations to take some of the “Refugees”. She saw that Chancellor Merkel was gaining popularity in Europe, by hook and by crook. Wealthy Germany has the power to bring economic pressure on the less wealthy nations, my Denmark seemingly, being one. Apparently, however, Chancellor Merkel’s reign is over next year but she is making a bid to Chair the EU in 2017, causing millions of Europeans to fear the path Europe might take, and what a collaboration with Clinton might cause. She is concerned what two greedy and power hungry women might do to the world order.
I tried to explain the Progressive Movement, and our need to have the pendulum swing back to the right, but she already understood that, and did not understand why Americans saw “Locker Room talk” as more important than the loss of America’s identity and the fostering of the election of a lying crook. She, along with millions of Europeans, fear that Clinton and Merkel will form a union, promoting Progressive change and the destruction of Judeo-Cristian values everywhere. Christian cultures are the same, the world over, and millions have the same fears. American schools stopped teaching our Judeo-Christian values years ago and the steamroller keeps quietly moving along. The ACLU, Liberal Justices, Liberal Press and Liberal Education are growing like weeds and destroying America. Isn’t it time to wake up? Isn’t it time to make America and the World great again?

Blowin In The Wind


I grew up in a very strange music atmosphere. Mom and Dad played symphony and opera on the radio and the victrola. When TV came along, it  was; Lucky Strike’s, Your Hit Parade; Mitch Miller’s, Sing Along With Mitch, and the Lawrence Welk Show. In High School it was The Kingston Trio at the Hungry I, Hootenanny at the Red Garter on Broadway in San Francisco and Turk Murphy at Earthquake McGoons .

I joined the Navy immediately after High School and after my discharge, got very serious about my college education. I put myself through, so there wasn’t much time for music in my life, and I had formed negative opinions during the 60’s. Dylan, The Beatles, The Doors, The Stones, The Who, The Kinks, The Zombies, The Animals, Jefferson Airplane, Joplin, Creedence and Hendrix, all passed under my radar. “They are too loud”, I said. The Mama’s and the Papa’s, Simon and Garfunkle and the Beach Boys, made my list.

Then my wife, a product of North Beach and the Haight Ashbury, entered my life with her music collection. Nine years my junior, she played all the 60’s stuff I previously disliked plus a lot of new stuff I wasn’t aware of either; like, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon. Slowly but surely my ear began to bend and I started to hear the good in all the music I had shunned. The Beatles, the Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Joplin, Creedence all found their way into my music backlog. I needed a little John Denver every so often to level me out, but for the most part the music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s became my music.

Blowin in the wind, Like a Rolling Stone; Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door, Don’t think twice, Mr. Tambourine man, Lay Lady Lay and many, many others have formed a rich poetic tome, worth of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Bravo Mr. Dylan, bravo you musicians of the 50’s through the 70’s.