Couldn’t Help But Notice.


Couldn’t help but notice a couple of articles in our local liberal rag this weekend. The weekend we honor our heritage, our independence, our love of country and our values, Dufus decides he is going to ‘campaign for Hillary‘. So what’ wrong with that, you ask.

1.) The President of the United States, POTUS, is the President of ‘THESE’ United States, ALL 50 OF THEM, including Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, The US Virgin Islands and American Samoa. He is the (So called) President of ALL OF US. So why is he Politicizing the election by supporting only one candidate, and marginalizing the country. WHY? Because he only cares about himself and his party leaving the rest of us to think for ourselves (thank God). As an American Citizen, I demand equal time for Trump.

2.) He is going to amass costs during his campaign romp that will be paid for by me, and he is therefore taking money from me that I would donate to Trump, who is my choice for President. He is cheating me out of my support for my candidate. As an American Citizen, I demand that he repay that money immediately. Behind that greasy smile (above), is a man bent on cheating half of the population of their right to individual choice.

3.) He is swaying voters from the bully pulpit, a trick that only divisive Presidents have used in the past. Did you see the photo to him carrying boxes of Pizzas into one of Hillary’s volunteer headquarters? “Man isn’t he cool?”, “He is the coolest President ever.” I can Hear the thoughts of the Hillary faithful all the way from here. What a travesty. As an American I demand Pizza for Trump volunteers as well.

Another Obama hater, you say. Just another racist, you accuse. THINK ABOUT IT!!! We hail from the UNITED States, not the UNITED DEMOCRATIC States, the President wants you to believe. SHAME ON YOU Mr. President, for besmirching and tarnishing the most patriotic of weekends, for ALL AMERICANS. You take the prize.



  1. Jim Reimer

    Right on Dick!

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