President Obama held a Town Hall meeting in London last week. I just finished listening to it again, to make sure that what I heard the first time I actually did hear. It makes me wonder whether or not he actually gets out and sees what he has done, or rather intellectualizes the outcomes he believes in his head he has accomplished.

He started out by saying that fear and hatred are born in an US vs: THEM mentality, that we have to start thinking of US being everyone and being able to see the other persons side without disliking him for his position. It seems to me that he has been one of the most polarizing Presidents we have ever had. Politics has stagnated on his watch. Eight years of doing little or nothing. Thank God we are not at war. Racism is at a higher level than I have ever experienced in my years on this earth and I lived through the sixties.

When asked what priorities he felt he had started and he would like to see his successor follow up with, he said priority 1 was “Security, and not just the military type, but also in the messages we send.” Really? What did he think Israel felt when he cold shouldered Netanyahu? What did Saudi Arabia and friends feel when he cut the nuclear deal with Iran? What do Americans feel when he openly lied about Bengazi? What did France feel when he left for his golf game in the wake of the Paris Bombings? He must be living in a bubble.

When asked what his legacy is, he said he would look back in ten years to see what it was, but went on to say he was very proud of ACL, saving the world from free falling economies and putting Wall Street reforms in play, the Iran Deal and the Ebola response. He also said he felt he had been true to himself and that what he said in the beginning of his term was essentially the same thing that he is saying today. Really? This from a President with one the lowest approval ratings, one who has continually lied to the people of the United States and the World, one who has polarized government to the point of inactivity, one who has bowed to Foreign Leaders and apologized to them for Americas greatness, I could go on and on.

He is a mesmerizing speaker, to be sure, but so was Hitler, and look what he wrought. I think that now that he is on his farewell tour he will say anything to try to take the stigma from his poor performance. He pleaded with the young people in the audience to avoid listening to people like me. People who criticize his performance. A nation and a world is in turmoil because of him and he wants the young to look past that and look back in ten years at all the good he has done. Really?


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