What Has Happened?

Dem Vs Rep

I was reading the paper this morning and I said ot myself, “What has happened?” “How has the Republican Party allowed so much change to occur in conservative government?” “How have they let it sink this deep into the abyss, without a fight?”

And then it occured to me that the Republicans have held the majority in both Congress and Senate now for nearly two years. “Do they not care that the government is moving to the left at a lightening pace?” “It there something in it for them to allow the pendulum of equality to be locked in the left swinging position?”

Is it possible that the Elitist Movement has swallowed up every right thinking soul. Have the Republicans really sold their souls to the Elitist Devil? Lets look at this for a moment. Obama’s ratings in 2014 were the lowest of any President ever in the history of political America. The voting public got on its hind legs and decided to make a change, and handed the Congress and the Senate to the Republican Party on a silver platter. It’s been two years and still nothing has happened. Even removing John Boehner had no effect on the blance of power. Still Congress faltered, still the Political System did nothing but filibuster and stalemate progress. Obama, Peloci, Reid and Feinstein all kept marching down the same path with McConnell, Ryan and McCain tripping over themselves to remove any obstacles to their paths.

Now there is someone who says he has had enough. He says he is tired of the Politically Correct, Intellectual (?), Elitist crowd and wants to make sweeping changes. He says he wants to make America Great again. Through a raging storm of Political Mud, the ‘Conservative Right’ has turned their backs, and still this person persists and gains ground. Finally someone comes along with the clout, bravado and financial backing to do something about the last eight years of left leaning insanity and few among the Republican Conservatives have stepped forward. Even Mitt Romney, for God’s sake, has turned coat.

What has happened? Think it through very carefully over the next four months.