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1949 Ford Business Coupe

Yesterday, a buddy of mine and our wives, participated in a Show-and-Shine of his 1967 Ford at Kool April Nights in Redding, California. The car belonged to his parents, and he inherited it and has taken care of it ever since. It is a great looking car with a white top and a baby blue bottom. He got a lot of oohs and aahs at the show. As we sat there, in our picnic chairs, I thought back on my High School days.

My first car was a pea green, 1949 Ford Business Coupe, much like the one pictured above. The fenders in the Factory Models had a beaded seam down the top center of the front and rear fenders. The cool thing to do was to grind off the bead, fill in the crevasse and create a smoothe, rounded seamless fender. Took me about three months of effort, but I finally got mine to resemble what you see here. I never was able to amass the money to have the car painted and spiffed, and within the first year I was rear-ended, ruining all my hard work.

I couldn’t afford Moons either, so my nostalgic 1949 Ford was basically a heap, that got me and some buddies back and forth to high school.

There is an interesting side story. My Father and I made a deal, if I would earn the money to buy the car ($425) and keep it maintained, he would pay for the insurance. He made the statement without doing his homework. The insurance was $450 a year, but he kept true to his word, as he always did, and bit the bullet for two years until I joined the Navy.

Looking back.

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